Faiyaz Doctor

Funded Projects

Flood Ultra-Cognitive Dendrite (FLUD) - Big Data Revolution for Flood Management using AI
Co-Principle Investigator on a two-year project (750,000 GBP) funded by Innovate UK and PlaTcom Venturs, Malaysia under the Technology Programme Newton fund: UK-Malaysia urban Innovation Challenge 2017 Competition.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Hub-TV Ltd
Principle Investigator of an InnovateUK KTP in association with Hub-TV Ltd (187,424 GBP) - 2018 to present.

Essex Challenge Lab: Effortless Accountability for Essex County Council
Co-Investigator on an ESRC IAA Challenge Lab funded project in association with Essex County Council (10,000 GBP) - 2018 to present.

Data Driven Computational Models for Prediction and Simulation of Path Dependences in Complex Dynamic Labour Market Systems
Principle Investigator on a two-year project (280,227.58 USD) funded through Evidence for Policy Design Center for International Development at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) - 2016 to present.

Coventry University Spin-out Interactive Coventry Ltd
Co-Investigator Industrial seed funding for knowledge transfer partnership and spin-out centered on the development of patented deep learning algorithms (300,000 GBP) - 2016 to present.

Investigating Socio-Psychological Factors Affecting Mexican Food Preferences Impacting Youth Obesity using Computational Intelligence Approaches
Co-Principle Investigator in collaboration with researchers in Mexico on an Advanced Fellowship (approx. 19,000 GBP) approved by the Mexican Committee of the Newton Fund International Collaboration Programme in association with The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) and the Mexican Academy of Sciences (MAS) 2015-2016.

Mobile Data Recovery Platform
Principle investigator for a Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise Network (KEEN) funded project (22,338 GBP) developing mobile data recovery platforms in collaboration with Infinity Wireless Ltd.

Driver Intent Prediction
Co-investigator on a Technology Strategy Board funded project (49,301 GBP) on developing driver prediction models in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover Ltd self-learning car initiative - 2012-2013.